Assorted Truffle Box B

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Elevate your taste experience with our Assorted Chocolate Box, a tantalizing collection of flavors that promises to delight every palate. From rich dark chocolate to creamy milk chocolate and more, this box offers a diverse array of flavors that cater to your every craving. Perfect for gifting, sharing, or indulging in moments of pure decadence, our assorted chocolate box is a sensory journey that adds a touch of luxury to any occasion. Order now to savor the irresistible charm of fine chocolates and create memorable moments with our Assorted Chocolate Box.

  • Meera Nanda

    The Assorted Truffle Box B took my taste buds on a wonderful, indulgent journey. The moment I opened the box, I was greeted with a diverse array of flavors which were all expertly crafted and beautifully presented. The rich dark chocolate truffle had a depth of flavor that was truly satisfying while the creamy milk chocolate offered a delightful, comforting sweetness. This variety catered to every craving I could possibly have, making each truffle a new, exciting experience. I must admit, these aren't just chocolates - they're little pieces of edible art that add a touch of luxury to every occasion. This assorted box would make the perfect gift for a loved one or a decadent treat for oneself. If you’re in search of a sensory chocolate experience that leaves a lasting impression, Assorted Truffle Box B is certainly a must-try.

  • Tripti Pradhan

    I really liked the concept. It had 4 different types of cakes to satisfy different tastebuds. moist, not overly sweet and satisfied the adult tastebuds, while the kids loved the flavoured late and salted caramel. The Pandan gula melaka was an all around pleaser. Thank you for the lovely cake or shd I say cakes :))

  • Sanchit Sachan

    Good in delivery time n fast.

  • Amit Luthra

    Cake is not too sweet. Kids loveee thecakess on the top. The cream is just nice. Not too thick. I would order again. No doubt about it.

  • Ankur Gupta

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you from Mrs Kapoor & I! We absolutely loved the cake, as did all of our guests. You nailed it!

  • Mallika Singh

    Bakersoven never disappoint !

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