Blackforest Cake

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  • Sanjay Mehra

    This Blackforest Cake takes my taste buds on a delightful journey! The chocolate sponge layers are heavenly moist and the cherry filling in between adds the perfect sweetness. The whipping cream is light yet rich, melting perfectly in my mouth. Every bite is a blend of chocolatey, fruity, and creamy goodness that is hard to resist. The decorative dark chocolate shavings on top not only make the cake visually appealing, but also add an additional hint of bitterness which beautifully balances the sweetness. Great for any occasion or simply when you're craving something indulgent!

  • Radha Pillai

    Wow, this Blackforest Cake is an absolute delight! From the moment it arrived, beautifully packaged and fresh, my taste buds were in anticipation. The rich, moist chocolate sponge layers provide a decadent base, with a satisfying, not overly sweet taste. The vibrant cherry filling adds a delightful tartness that balances perfectly with the chocolate. And let's not forget the light, airy whipped cream which is simply the icing on the cake (quite literally)! It's a luxurious treat that takes me back to my childhood. I'd recommend this cake to anyone looking for a nostalgic and delicious dessert. Each slice is a little slice of heaven. Five stars for sure!

  • Sanchit Sachan

    Tastier than my expectations

  • Amit Luthra

    Bakersoven never disappoint !

  • Ankur Gupta

    Fresh and tasty cakes, every-time!

  • Mallika Singh

    My new favorite cake place!

  • Garima Pal

    Our wedding cake turned out beautifully!

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