Tea Time Walnut Cake

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Qty: 280gm
  • Kunal Bose

    The "Tea Time Walnut Cake" is an absolute delight! At 280gm, it's the perfect size for sharing... or to enjoy all on your own, not that I'm judging! The walnut flavour is rich and authentic - not artificial in the least, which is refreshing. The cake itself is moist and soft; it literally melts in your mouth. I've found it to be the perfect companion for my afternoon tea, but it would work just as well as a decadent breakfast or a cheeky late-night snack. Simply put, it's a treat worth indulging in. Highly recommend!

  • Deepika Iyer

    The Tea Time Walnut Cake truly embodies a delightful culinary treat. The 280gm package arrives perfectly sized, making it an indulgent snack for those cozy afternoon tea sessions. What makes it outstanding is its texture - a perfect balance between moist and crumbly that just melts in your mouth. But what really shines through is the rich walnut flavor which strikes a remarkable harmony with the sweetness of the cake. This isn't just a cake, it's a little piece of heaven that elevates your tea-time to a gourmet experience. Whether it's for personal indulgence or a friendly gathering, the Tea Time Walnut Cake is a choice you won't regret. I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a try.

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