Bow & Collar Cake

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  • Karan Oberoi

    After purchasing the Bow & Collar Cake, I was blown away! The attention to detail is outstanding, and the taste - pure heaven! I found the cake incredibly moist and flavorful, and the decoration - a delight to the eyes. The bow and collar design is so unique and adorable that it not only wowed my guests but also became the centerpiece of my party. What a conversation starter! I would definitely recommend this cake for any occasion, as it's not just a cake, but a work of art. I am looking forward to placing my next order. If you're contemplating on whether to buy this cake or not, trust me, this is something you don't want to miss out on!

  • Lakshmi Krishnan

    This Bow & Collar Cake truly surprised and delighted me. The craftsmanship was absolutely top-notch. Each detail was so meticulously done that it was almost too good to eat. When I finally brought myself to slice into it, I found that the inside matched the outside in quality. The cake was moist and flavorful, melting delightfully on the tongue. The frosting was rich, but not too sweet, perfectly complementing the cake. Whether you're buying this as a treat for yourself or as a gift for someone else, the Bow & Collar Cake is a fantastic choice. Not only does it taste great, but the aesthetic appeal makes it a conversation piece as well. Simply put, this cake is an excellent blend of taste and design. I couldn't recommend it more!

  • Sanchit Sachan

    Gifted it to a friend and they said it was really nice and delicious.

  • Amit Luthra

    Bakersoven never disappoint !

  • Ankur Gupta

    Bakersoven never disappoint !

  • Mallika Singh

    We would recommend this bakery for any dessert needs!

  • Garima Pal

    Really freaking delicious.

  • Vandita Malhotra

    The products are excellent,

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